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Defence & Cargo Lashing Equipment

"Keeping Our Defence Secure"

Gavan Intermodal are the Australasian agent for Peck & Hale LLC a company that produces high quality Defence Lashing and Securing Equipment.

Gavan Intermodal Equipment have supplied product to the Australian Defence for a number of years and have an Australian Defence Force Suppliers Numb "Keeping Our Defence Secure"
Peck & Hale have been supplying Defence products to the United States Defence Force for more than half a century, for further information on Peck & Hale.

We have an extensive list of Deck Sockets, Deck Fittings, D-Rings, Tiedowns for Ammo Vehicles Aircrafts, Aircraft Securing Fittings, Engine Run-up Fittings, Tank Securing Fittings, Slings, Net Shoring Systems, Container Fittings.

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Wire Tiedown Assemblies
3MX/877 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Cargo)
7M/728 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)
10M/804 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)
15M/1548 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)
17M/802 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)
35M/819 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)
35M/1500 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)
70M/818 Wire Tiedown Assembly (Vehicle)

Chain Tiedown Assemblies
7MTC/1526 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Ammo)
7MTC/1527 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Ammo)
7MTC/1562 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)
14MTC/1512 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Aircraft)
15MTC/1529 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Ammo)
15MTC/1530 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Ammo)
35MTC/819A Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)
35MTC/1509 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)
35MTC/1561 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)
35MTC/1576 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)
35MTC/1577 Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)
70MTC/818A Chain Tiedown Assembly (Hi Shock) (Vehicle)

Tiedown Hooks
H201 Tiedown Fitting (Removable) (Vehicle)
H269 Equalizer Assembly (Vehicle)
H278 Deck Track Fitting (Vehicle)
H279 Deck Track Fitting (Vehicle)
H280-10 Deck Track Fitting (Vehicle)
H280-12 Deck Track Fitting (Vehicle)
H281 Deck Track Fitting (Vehicle)
H294-2 Ring (Round Shape) (Vehicle)
H294-3 Ring (Pear Shape) (Vehicle)
F1011 Tiedown Ring (Recessed) (Vehicle)

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